About Muddees

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It all started with my first trip to Barcelona, Spain, where I purchased the cheapest apparel item I could find as a memento from my trip.  I didn’t want to spend $45 for a lousy looking t-shirt. I found something that cost me 15 Euros ($20) which was a funny looking bandana.  Now, I don’t know why I bought this particular item, I am not a baseball cap or bandana wearer.  Okay, I know why, it was the cheapest thing in the store and I am always looking for a bargain!  The fabric was knit so it stretched, instead of tying a knot in the back; it had elastic so it was functional and comfortable.  When I returned home to San Diego, I surprised myself and starting wearing it to workouts at the gym, then I wore it underneath my helmet when riding my scooter and eventually, I started wearing it around just for fun.  I was hooked and I knew I needed to buy another one as mine was going to wear out.  I searched and searched the web and couldn’t find one or anything really similar.  So I thought, why not make one myself?  I could re-design it to make it more functional and durable and I could pick great fabrics and make it fun thus Muddees was created.


Carolina Shreve


About the Name:

People ask all the time, how I came up with the name.  Actually I was fooling around with what to name this bandana.   I thought; maybe name it Tri-Bandana as it can be worn three ways, around the neck, as a headband or as a bandana.  But actually they can be worn more ways than that and the name really didn’t have an emotional feeling for me.  Next name up was US-Bandanas as that name had a dual meaning, it is made in the U.S. (thus “us”) and it was made for us girls, but again, not a big enough emotional punch for me.  Then came the moment when I thought about how fun this venture was going to be to me and those coming onboard and I am all about fun and it hit me, “Have Fun and Get Muddee”.  I knew when I said it that was our name, Muddees!

Made in California

Our Muddees are made in Southern California.  Everything that goes into a Muddee is bought, cut and sewn in California.  We want to be able to see our Muddees in production and double check the quality, look and feel of our Muddees.  We make frequent trips to our sewing production contractors and after losing most of their business to overseas sewing factories they are thrilled to be making Muddees and feel honored to sew every “Made In USA” label into the products.