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What is the fabric content of Muddees?

Basically there are 3 fabric contents we use.  One is a poly-knit blend which has a light stretch to it.  The second fabric we use is a lycra blend which has a medium stretch to it.  The 3rd fabric is a double knit and this will have the most stretch.
How do I wash my Muddee?
With most Muddees, you can wash in warm water and medium dry.  Like denim jeans these fabrics will stretch out but once washed and dried will tighten up.  If your Muddee contains any embellishments like studs, sparkles or sequins, please hand wash and hang dry.  All Muddee fabrics dry very quickly.


How do I know what size I take?


Muddees are made in 2 sizes, XS/S and M/L.  Most women find the M/L size fits them perfectly.  Younger girls and women with small heads, find the XS/S a better fit.

What do I do if I order and Muddee and it doesn’t fit?

Muddees are sized as "one size fits all" for ages 12 on up.  If your Muddee fits too tight or it too loose, we will replace or refund your purchase price.  Please see our "Refunds and Return Policy" to receive instructions on obtaining a return authorization number.  


How will my Muddee be shipped and how long will it take?


We ship standard postal rates.  All Muddees are shipped from San Diego California so depending on where you live, it may take 1-5 days for you to receive your order.

What are your shipping charges within the United States?

One Muddee           $3.95
Two Muddees         $4.95
Three or more        FREE!

Do you ship outside the United States?

Unfortunately at this time, we are only shipping within the United States.